Today's Panchang For India

Panchang Date : Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Tithi Ashtami upto 08:32 PM
Nakshatra Ardra upto 11:26 PM
Karana Baalav upto 07:29 AM, Kolav upto 08:32 PM
Yoga Variyan upto 06:33 PM
Paksha Krishna
Sun and Moon
Sunrise 06:17 AM
Sunset 06:16 PM
Moonrise 00:08 AM Sep 30
Moonset 01:22 PM
Madhyahna 12:17 PM
Lunar Month with Samvat
Masa (Purnimanta) Ashwin
Masa (Amanta) Bhadrapada
Shaka Samvat 1943 Plava
Vikram Samvat 2078
Kali Yuga 5122
Sign and Ayan
Moonsign Gemini
Sunsign Virgo
Ayana Dakshinayana
Disha Shool North
Day Duration 11 Hour 59 Minutes
What is panchang?

Panchang is a calculated calendar used to check auspicious time in a particular day which are based on the five elements. Panchang can be broken down into "paanch" + "ang", which means “Five” + “parts”.
These five elements are:
1. "Thithi" which means the date, it gives wealth.
2. "Nakshatra" which means the star on that day, it removes the sins
3. "Karana" which means half part of the tithi, it gives success in deeds
4. "Yoga" which means fortune, it cures the diseases
5. "Vaar" which means the day of the week, it enhances the longevity
So the one who does his karma by knowing all the above will have divine blessings.